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Virtual: Sunday, Oct 30

Houston: Sunday, Nov 6

Past Life Regression Therapy & Energy Healing sessions with Amora are a deeply healing, time travel experience for all who are called to participate.


Beyond just "Past Lives", these Soul journeys are a way to address & release the root of habits, patterns, fears, traumas and blockages that are lodged in the subconscious mind and DNA created by past lives, alternate existences, ancestral imprints and more.


Epigenetics has proven that, along with the physical characteristics we inherit from our bloodline, we also carry the traumas and triggers passed down to us by those who come before us.


These traumas and triggers usually go unnoticed because they are considered "normal" to all those around us including the members of our Earth family, Soul family, Star family, etc.


We don't know what we don't know. And most of humanity continues to experience life from a distorted perspective filtered through the lens of past life traumas, unfinished/open timelines, ancestral limitations (also referred to as generational curses), subconscious programming, etc.


Past Life Regression Therapy & Energy Healing sessions with Amora will allow us to tap into these dormant memories safely, without retraumatizing ourselves in the process. Bringing the root of these patterns to the surface for deep healing & closure that positively affects both you and those in your bloodline: past, present & future.


What to expect:

Past Life Regression Therapy & Energy Healing with Amora will begin with an Energy Healing & Grounding Meditation & discussion, followed by the experience of seeing the previous existence that is most important for you to clear, close & become aware of at this time. Each participant will experience their own visuals and feelings during the session & will have the opportunity to unpack & discuss their experience within the group setting. It is always a powerful event for all who participate.

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