A Closer Look at Modern Day Possession, Generational Curses & Demonic Activity

Naw playa. This is 2020, possession don't look like that.

Folks will acknowledge "Generational Curses" run through their family but won't acknowledge the Spirits that are in place to keep the "Curse" active generation after generation.

Sorry, but prayers and sage ain't gonna work here 🙄

That sexual shame you carry and that deep sexual appetite you cant seem to shake?

That's not your shame and that's not your itch you keep scratching, my dear. That belongs to one of your invisible entity homies 🤷🏽

The negative voices in your head? The inability to make a decision?

You aren't crazy, you're aware of the others who have made their home in your space & psyche.

Their job is to prevent you from hearing the quiet voice of your own Intuition and keep you as prey.

That financial struggle you are in? That your Daddy is in, all your cousins, friends and even your clients are in?

That's the ancient Spirit of Poverty. That mf hooks in deep and begins to control your daily decision making.

That food addiction you have that comes with automatic eating, followed by self-disgust but the inability to change it?

You guessed it... Low Vibe Spirits.

That jealousy? That rage? Seeing red? "When he gets that look in his eyes?"

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Demons.

Even the common cigarette addiction is Spirit-laced. Shaman use tobacco to open the Spirit Realms for communication. Do you know what happened when plant medicine is used irresponsibly or abused?

Yep you guessed it... Low Vibe Spirits are given new access to this realm.

Tobacco has been commercialized, loaded with poison and given to everyone.

The Tobacco will still do it's job of opening the Spirit Realm, but add some poison and put it in the hands of non-Shaman and voila!

Low frequency portals on portals on portals being opened.

The addiction goes deeper than a lil nicotine.

That's just the tip of the iceberg really.

Did you know the Catholic Church offers annual training on how to perform Exorcisms and they charges thousands of dollars to perform one? Interesting isn't it?

I would change a few stacks too if I knew what I was walking into 😆

One day, I'll tell you the story of the first exorcism I was thrown into... without warning... at a Healing Festival back in 2016 😐

My Spiritual Squad is good for pushing me out the nest before my wings are dry; on some "she'll be fine" type Energy.

I was literally coughing up green shit for 3 days but never got sick 😈

The brother I assisted is now a yoga teacher and still occasionally drops in to thank & check on me. That was an interesting day.

So much to discuss now that the world is waking up again.

Welcome to the Golden Age 😁 I've been waiting for you 🔮

If you are seeking a Spiritual Advisor or Mystic Mentor book your New Client Session with me CLICK HERE

If you are reading this and we begin to work together from this point forth, I guarantee we've worked together before. Let the instant remembrance begin 🦄

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