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Spiritual Baths 101

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

There is a lot of loose Energy and taking a Spiritual Bath is one way to CLEANSE your aura of impurities.

The pretty flowers are great for photoshoots and relaxation.

But if you're looking to clear your aura of lower frequencies blocking your creativity & abundance, it's time to bring in some of the big boys.

I suggest you set your INTENTION first, then intuitively choose a few ingredients, preferably organic, light a candle, play some high-frequency music without words and run your bath water.

Bless your Herbs and put them in your hot water bath.

Get nekkid, keep ypur thoughts on your intention, and enjoy your ritual.

Salt: Himalayan/Sea/Epsom · Basil · Sage · Black Pepper · Nettle Leaf · Rosemary · Thyme · Calendula · Chamomile · Cinammon Sticks · Hyssop · Agrimony · Angelica · Patchouli · Peppermint · Verbena · Marjoram · Lavender · Palo Santo Ashes

If you're feeling low in energy or have been experiencing weird dreams, I highly recommend doing doing this bath for at least 3 days in a row.

Strain the herbs from your bath before letting the water drain.

Compost or intuitively dispose of your used herbs with respect, love and honor for the work they do. Aché.

If you are seeking to call in MORE ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY, I invite you to join our monthly CYPHER OF ABUNDANCE ( as we cultivate and experience the pure energy of fertility, overflow, abundance and more!

Let me know if you take a Spiritual Bath & what your energetic results were. I hope to work with you soon! Besos 💋

To book or contact Amora, leave a message at the bottom of

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