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We live in a mathematically perfect Universe & imbalance cannot be sustained for too many generations.

I've said it for years... The United States of America & the colonizing conquistator mindset will, without fail, be forced to answer for its unabashed brutality against Elijah McClain, Breonna Taylor, Emmitt Till, Black Wallstreet, the natives of this land and sooooo much more.

Against children too.

Balance is coming for it all.

The country has created & called down curses upon so many innocent people.

As alignment is restored on a galactic scale, these atrocities will backfire on those involved through the bloodlines of the perpetrators.

This is one reason why it is important to cleanse our DNA & Energy Field NOW so as not to be swept up when the real shit begins.

Insert scripture in Revelations that speaks of "The Mark of the Beast."

Study up on Epigentics if you feel you are exempt from the actions ot experiences of your Ancestors.

Many will 'lose their minds' as they are faced with their reality and will be forced to work their way through the Energy either now or once they die.

Ain't no Heaven or Hell to run off to after this shit... Only more of what your Soul needs to experience, expand & grow.

Don't be scared. Be prepared.

More will snap, many more will disappear, many will begin to kill themselves and each other.

Blood in, Blood out.

I don't make the rules, I just understand and report on them.

Do the work NOW to seperate yourselves from the sheep being led to their own slaughter.

Universal Law is exact.

No escaping.

No excuses.

The only way out, is in and through.

If this sounds like a bunch of crazy talk, this message isn't for you.

If this makes any type of sense to you, resonates on any level & you need assistance figuring out your next step or would like to step into your gifts/path even deeper book your private or group session with me asap.

Visit or click the link in my bio.

Cosmic KinderGarden🌱

Where the Gods go to grow

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