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Jingle Jangle: Black Excellence... with a Spiritual Agenda?

I LOVED IT. Complete Black Excellence from beginning to end. I cried.

Pero, always stay aware and guard your subconscious mind.

Jingle Jangle is a purely Esoteric movie under the guise of Christianity (Christmas).

The movie is Energetically geared toward those who have roots in Christianity but have recently experienced their gifts turning on and have no idea what to make of it.

The movie highlights the Psychic gifts of:

·Pyromancy - reading Energy/Spirit through Fire

·Remote Viewing - viewing the actions of others in present time from a distant location

·Clairvoyance - Seeing Energy across multiple realms, timelines or dimensions

When the little girl uses her magic gift of Clairvoyance, a gift that connects her with her Grandfather (aka Ancestors)... Did anyone else catch the SUBLIMINAL message thrown in there? (Watch the clip)

"Sin" is a DEEP DEEP trigger for all Christians.

Sin is the reason everyone says they need Jesus. The concept of Sin is what gives the entire system validation.

"Sin" is the trigger.

Just enough magic for a make-believe movie, but don't get any bright ideas for yourself because... Sin 🙄

Kudos to all those who are waking up and seeing the tricks that have been used against us for generations.

Holla if you need a Mystic Mentor. I do this shit in my sleep & with my eyes closed... Literally 😂 Get it?! Lol AND I'm funny! The whole package lol

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