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My Favorite Feather...

I have 3 main Energy Healing Tools: Me, my Moroccan Selenite Wand & this Amora Energy Peacock Feather Wand...

I made this wand in 2015, more than 2 full years BEFORE I even thought about moving to Mexico.

I intuitively created it in an Artist's trance one night and grabbed a hematite bead with La Virgen de Guadalupe to put on it.

I was in the flow and this is how the feather wanted to be. I had no intentional connection to the Virgen of Guadalupe and I did not want this piece for myself.

In fact, around this time my feathers were selling for a pretty penny at a couple different Crystal Shops in Los Angeles so I was excited to take this fancy baby to find its owner in exchange for rent money.

Before I could take it to the shops, I was showing a friend my newly made pieces and she asked for an Aura Clearing.

I lit my sage, let her choose which feather I used and I got to work. She was doing some Divine Feminine Womb Work so she chose the feather with the Virgin.

Then Source Energy took over... as usual.

The session was lovely but in the process I somehow burned a small hole underneath the feather.

It is a small perfectly round burn that no one can see, but it made the feather unsellable.

I began to use it and it became my favorite. I have made and kept a couple of feathers since the creation of this one, but THIS is the feather that gets the most healing time.

It wasn't until two years later, March 2017 that it all came full circle and I found out Spirit was directing me to move to Mexico... The home of La Virgin de Guadalupe.

I am no longer Catholic and I do not subscribe to any doctrine or spiritual system but I recognize and I am grateful for the Energy of Source that flows through all.

As of now, you can ONLY receive an Amora Energy Peacock Feather Wand when you join me for a retreat experience in paradise.

Hop on over to to check out my 2021 offerings

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