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The Energetic Root of Sex Addiction & How to Release it

So many men have a Sex or Porn Addiction.

These Addictions stem from a Soul Tie Contract with a malevolent Entity that must consume endless amounts of Life Force Energy.

Sex is one of the easiest and most yielding way to cultivate Life Force Energy when someone knows how to use the technology properly.

Most Humans only know how to have sex for babies or pleasure, whereas ancient beings know how to use sex to cultivate & harness Life Force Energy.

Sex is Spiritually Technology.

And as with all technology, it can help advance humanity or destroy it.

Sex addicts cannot control their urges because they are literally not in control.

One one hand you "can't help it" but one the other hand, if you know what it is and you continue to feed it instead of doing what is necessary to release it... then that's on you and there is no excuse.

Spiritual Sidenote: If you're reading this, you have no more excuses and you will be held accountable to the consequences of your actions if you are not doing the work to get out of the entanglement your Soul is in.

The issue is, the Gen Pop is programmed, triggered and in so much fear or denial about the Spiritual Realm that they automatically use their free will to ignore, reject or ostracized the information they need to heal.

This creates the pattern of addressing the symptoms rather than the root; introducing this Energy to all those who get intimate with you.

This Entity does not feel emotion, which is why men possessed with a Sex or Porn addiction often report feeling lackluster about life or feeling 'dead' inside regardless of how much money, power, popularity or puthy they have access to.

Various symptoms will present themselves depending on various factors such as: how much Sovereignty vs. Entity does one embody, the terms of one's Soul Contract, how long the possession has been taking place, how deep the Entity has rooted into one's Energy Field, whether is was a generational curses or promiscuous consequences and so much more.

Naturally empathic brothers will most likely cry, apologize, feel bad and promise never to do it again.

Those with deeper Soul contracts, will be more numb and checked out, super hard and harsh as their Souls have created thicker walls to protect oneself from the emotional Rollercoaster that comes with possession.

Like an infection or v!rvs these Spirits are transmitted through families, sexual experiences, sexual abuse & assault, having Sex with Spirits in dreams & the Astral etc. but that's enough for now.

I will be opening this discussion in a closed Cypher with those who have been called to heal at this level.

Be sure to reach out for your 1st Steps if you're ready to step it up and truly Master your Self-Discipline & Healing process.


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