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What is a "Spirit Spouse"?

And it is ok to have Sex with a Spirit in my sleep?

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The concept of a "Spirit Spouse" is the same as having a Soul Contract with a Spirit with the addition of Sex being involved.

People get into Soul Contracts with Spirits all the time both intentionally and unintentionally.

In all actuality, most people are still bound and operating within the perimeters of covenants they (or their family - aka generational curses) agreed to many moons ago.

Most people are also unaware of & unwilling to see their Soul Contracts therefore stay under them.

These binding Soul Contracts make it impossible to raise one's vibration or create Soul transformation until the contract is broken or its time runs out...

It's the same way contracts work here on Earth, except you can't break it and just pay a fine.

The Soul must comply or claim Sovereignty.

Claiming Sovereignty comes with taking accountability for putting yourself in the contract and may mirror getting energetically "jumped out" of a gang as your entanglements release amd you return to Balance & Alignment.

Astral Sex is usually a low frequency entity that is feeding off of your Creation Energy and is hooked in through your compromised Sacral Chakra.

If you have low energy, foggy brain, bored, can't keep money... It's probably because your invisible fuckbuddy is sucking up all your good Energy.

Be sure your visible fuckbuddy isn't draining you as well. Give em all the boot ✌🏽

If you know you or your family has been in bed with demons (pun intended😂😈💀👽🤖)... I suggest you begin to work with a qualified Spiritual Mentor unless you are grounded enough to out rank and exorcise the Spirits yourself (which is probably a no, otherwise you would have done it already).

You can choose to do whatever you want. This is a FREE WILL Universe and no one can tell you whether something is good or bad because ONLY YOU are responsible for the Soul Contracts you agree(d) to.

But in all transparency, if your desire is Sovereignty and Freedom, this ain't it playa.

Blessings to you ✨

Amora ❤

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