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Ask MORE Questions...

Asking questions, wakes the people.

Ask more questions. The religious cult I was raised in did not teach the doctrine of the Trinity- they taught the Father and Son were separate entities. I never believed in the Trinity for myself and I was surrounded by a community of people who didn't believe in it either. So it never, not once, in all my years of believing in Jesus, made sense to me that Jesus could be both God and God's son. My mind just couldn't make it work. 100% transparency. When I was a Jehovah's Witness

kid and we would go door to door, people would want to argue with my mom/step-dad about the Trinity and I would get so frustrated. I remember thinking, 'If most adults in the world worship the Trinity, I must be smarter than most of the world.' 😂😂😂 Kid logic is simple. Lol. Now, I mind the business that pays me. Believe in who you want. You could believe in a sock puppet and be a genius. Who am I to judge? I am only concerned with liberating Souls. I believe in things I know sound "crazy," so if someone wants to drink Jesus' blood and eat his flesh in rememberance of the contract they have with that particular Entity... by all means! Have at it! This FREE-WILL Universe says that you are free to Blood-Contract yourself into a spiritual oblivion if you so choose. And guess what? Your Soul will still get to where it's going. Entanglements will definitely slow up the process but not everyone is in a rush. Me, on the other hand- anytime there is Blood or DNA mentioned... I question everything. As a child, adults didn't like my questions. In religion, the elders don't like my questions. In the Spirit Realm, Ancient Entities in power really do not like my questions. Asking questions, wakes the people. Ask more questions. Visit to link arms with me ❤ #MoreWithAmora #FreedomTrainMovement

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