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Celebrate YOU for my Bday!

Join me for my yearly Birthday-turned-Humanitarian-Project. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness & I never celebrated a bday until I hit my mid-20s. When I was ex-communicated from my mom, sister and everyone else I grew up with, I started to celebrate myself for the first time ever and I loved the attention. Then my Soul kicked in... "Folks do whatever the Bday Gal wants. Whatchu gonna do Amora??" My first bday acknowledgment was a small dinner with my line sisters... For my 25th & 26th bdays I drank and partied A LOT- I threw the best drunken crawfish boils. Folks STILL talk about them boils at Mr. José Griñán's house 😂 (Thanks again Daddy ❤) Those parties were a debacle. DJ threw up on my cake one year. A Nupe got cursed out and banned by my dad another year. It was so much fun (back when that was my version of fun)😂 By 27, I was living in LA, working on Dr. Drew's LifeChangers and this year's birthday festivities included everyone gathering at the local Food Bank to volunteer before we got pissy drunk for the weekend. By 34, I was living in Mexico and when I moved to paradise, everyday felt like my birthday. Everyone celebrates me out here. Even Nature big ups me at every corner and every turn. I truly want everyone to feel this free and liberated from the inside out. Maybe folks aren't interested in moving permanently, but if those who wish to celebrate me can use that energy to experience shift in their own lives... Then my day of birth means SO MUCH MORE to everyone. My first official group retreat, was my signature "Healing for Healers Retreat" that began on my bday October 5, 2017. I served a magical group of Souls who are still connected and supporting each other to this day... without me. It fills my heart to know I assisted in solidifying such cohesive community❤ I am grateful. There are more layers to my vision, and each retreat- the outreach we have in assisting the collective continues to grown. Join me... and trust me. If you come to celebrate my arrival on yhis planet, you are guaranteed to leave my Sacred Space a whole new YOU! Join the High-Vibe Tribe & I look forward to working with all who are called. Besos 💋

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