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Coming out of Chronic Illness

This old face challenge going around on social media riggers me for a few personal reasons. One reason is the photo attached.

It wasn't an app that made my face and body painfully age the way it did but it was definitely a challenge to be seen in public or attempt to speak life into others when I had no idea wtf was happening within me. Remember I disappeared from doing my Manifest & Chill videos? I had to. So yea... traumas have been triggered 😳 But as with all my life's triggers, this is simply an opportunity to grow. I know my difficult life experiences are to be shared once I've found my way through them... It's part of my Cosmic Contract. (Sidenote: In exchange for healing myself & then sharing, I get to experience dope shit. I stop healing and sharing, I stop experiencing dope shit. It's a simple contract. Lol.) Yet, I've been too tender to openly share photos of and talk about the chronic illness I am still in the process of emerging through. Looking for photos to post a testimony would many times create a crying session of release that tired me to the point that I just said f*ck it. Other times, the fear of being teased, patronized or looked down on would prevent me from sharing. Now, it's just time... BUT this is not the only reason I'm NOT here for this old face nonsense...

First, I know that the way humans currently age is UNnatural. We do not have to age the way Science and recent Human History has taught us. At the core of my being, I know humans can actually stop the negative affects of the aging process through DNA clearing, Telomere regeneration and various Spirit-Meets-Science Technologies & Techniques. You don't have to believe it, just watch. Only time will tell, but by then it'll be too late to hop on the Forever Young Train. *message Second, I am NOT here for these app-generated old faces because I also know the Mind creates what it sees. The Mind just is powerful like that. I manifest too damn fast these days to intentionally create and lay my eyes on something I specifically do not want to be my reality. Play, laugh & kee kee all you want, but that does not negate the fact that every single image we consume becomes a part of our subconscious psyche until we intentionally remove it. Know this, my thought process is: Why project such an image into the Ethers, into your own subconscious mind AND the subconscious mind of thousands of others? Now everyone else can help you create that visual... Great! Um... No thank you. Ain't no way ima choose to look at myself aged af instead of speaking YOUTH & VIGOR over myself. How about we Photoshop my future young self and my future banging body on my future yacht setting sail off my future private island.


Third, remain alert. All this faceswap, face aging, and human-like technology will soon be used to manipulate your beliefs, uour ability to act off your intuition and your ability to make sound decisions. You think they're manipulating your face... soon it will be your DNA, your future, your life. Lastly, we never know what someone else is going through. No, the photo on the left is NOT my old face challenge. It was just a challenging time in my life where my Body, Mind and Spirit were painfully purging and upgrading.

As Above, So Below. For a period of 2 years, I was in Spiritual Initiation with Death. This initiation had so many layers and levels ima have to write a book. However, the purge that began at this level of Initiation manifested as Topical Steroid Withdrawl (also known as Red Skin Syndrome)- the excrucuating process of the body pushing out years of chemical toxins absorbed and lodged into the body's cells and especially that of the liver causing a number of physical ailmenta. During the height of the withdrawal process, I suffffffffered all day and night, every single day and every single night for more than a full year and a half before I began to feel any true signs of relief. Even longer for me to see the relief reflected in my skin and body.

I have tons more to share but I just needed an ice breaker; a way to ease myself into reliving the trauma so my triumph through it may give hope to someone else who is also ready to throw in the Cosmic towel. I understand. I truly do. There is help. You are love. You are loved. You WILL get through this. You are supported. Reach out if you feel any of my professional services may assist you on your journey.


My healing process of 1.5 years is short when compared to the multiple years of suffering many who used Topical Steroids prescribed by a doctor. Although, not a cure of any dis-ease, I found relief from the toxic topical steroids attempting to release from deep with my cells through nothing other than CELLULAR CLEANSING. Send me a message via the form at the bottom of my website to learn more about how CELLULAR CLEANSING helped strengthen, detox and reset my body on the deepest cellular levels.

Love, Life, Bliss & Besos,


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Nikala Asante
Nikala Asante
Jul 17, 2019

Thank you for sharing your journey. You show that it's possible to come out of something that it seems will never end by applying consistent effort to self-healing. And, you are glowing so beautifully now! I think of it as a metaphor for the light of joy at the end of a difficult experience. You are, as always, an inspiration.

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