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Energy Report: Boundaries Will Help You Heal

Affirmation: I Am Sovereign of my experience. The I Am Presence of the Source is seeking desperately to emerge through you. Are you a properly prepared vessel? Today, focus on your BOUNDARIES... with both yourself and others. Do you need to practice better self-discipline? Give yourself boundaries and DO NOT CROSS them. If you need assistance, reach out to me to discuss Mentorship options. In the meantime, love yourself enough to say "No" to others demands on your time and energy. You are a channel for Divine Healing power. However, if you are over-extending yourself unnecessarily because you are not enforcing or do not have boundaries, you will not be able to channel the energy frequencies you so desire. You don't need as much healing as you think you do. Rather, you need boundaries. Implementing boundaries where they are lacking will remove the root cause and therefore will remove the need to 'heal' certain aspects of your life. You are the Savior you seek. Set your boundaries unapologetically and you will soar!

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