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New Website, Who Dis?

It's a new months and the new site is Live! I didn't know I needed a new website until yesterday and completed it in less than 24hours (excuse any mistakes, I'm giving my eyes/mind a break). The original website was a good functioning website but it was a constant work in progress since I launched it in 2014. I am super proud of this site because the essence of my Sacred Cyber Space is a direct reflection of my most recent conscious growth spurt and my most recent Spiritual Initiation; which I unconsciously began November 2, 2016 & completed with awareness almost 2 years later in August 2018. Please note... I am JUST NOW feeling the positive effects of the cycle I completed 9 months earlier.🌀 But alas, what is time anyway? I hit a super fast record in "time" outside of Earth so whatever 😉 Anyway, my level up only became apparent to me when I saw the photos of my new radiant frequency. As if all at once, I felt magmetic in a way I had never felt and had only spoken of. It was evident that I had leveled-up. I am grateful and I am still high off the energy. Yesterday, when I went to upload my new headshots and update my website, my computer wouldn't let me make any changes because my website provider had upgraded beyond my outdated Mac 😳 (That's a word for somebody... You can't manifest "It" because it is an upgraded request and you steady working on that same, tired, outdated system.) Before I could even panic, my Spiritual Practice stepped in... I said to myself "I only need my website to help others find my retreats & services. If The Source wants me to do my job, my website must be updated. Periodt. Not my problem." I'll send a cosmic work order to fix it, but I will not be stressed doing my Soul's work. Nope. No ma'am. With my peace untouched, I decided to do a little troubleshooting, work around the inconvenience until a solution is presented & let the Powers that Be handle it. It's above me now 😂 Well guess what, I couldn't update the old, but I could START FROM SCRATCH with a brand new, upgraded, sleeker, more user friendly and visually calming website. Now, aint that something!? Yet another word on today (church lingo😂). Sometimes, we seem to lose everything or it appears we've been loxked put of our biggest blessing... when in all actuality, we are being BLESSED with a fresh slate to create bigger and better than what our previous, miniscule imagination could even fathom.

There is so much more to say and share about the process reflected in my website. From LA to Mexico. From Hair to Bald. From guarding my Chakras with a side stand to standing firm & confidently radiating my light and more!

What other shifts can you see? I'd love to hear! Drop some 🌻🌻🌻 if any part of this message resonates with you #MoreWithAmora As you will see throughout my website, my TOP 3 HEALING TOOLS to create major and continued shift are: Cellular Cleansing, Energy Work & Soul-led Travel. Be sure to join the mailing list and check back often for more info on various ways to integrate these tools in your everyday life.

If you are ready for your next asting Transformation and Life Level-Up, link arms with me and learn the same tips and tools I use to this day to attain and maintain continual growth and a peace beyond what is normal.

I am honored and grateful to all who trust me with their Soul's Path. Thank you. I love you.

Bliss & Besos,


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