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Shaman Snuff...

This is Rapé, pronounced Hop-ay. A Plant Medicine & Spiritual Tool made of super finely ground tobacco and the ashes of other medicinal plants.

The powder is forcefully blown into each nostril, one at a time as part of a healing, ritual or ceremony.

The Energy of the Most High has instructed me to go back to my work with Sacred Tobacco for deep energetic cleansing and increased fortification.

My Cuban blood has a deep connection with the Spirit of the Tobacco plant as Tabaqueras; both professional cigar rollers in Cuba and Shaman who specifically work with the Tobacco plant as medicine.

The Tobacco plant has been colonized and turned into poison but the original plant serves many powerful purposes in the Spieit Realms.

In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a Shadow Healer or Spirit Worker who does not use Tobacco as part of their Spiritual practice 😂

Here's an article to start your research if you're interested. Rapé ceremonies included in Mexican Amora Energy Retreats. Email for more.

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