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The Art of Non-Attachment & Unconditional Love

From an early age, my Soul Contract gave me lessons and practical real life situations where I was and I Am required to practice and master both unconditional love and non-attachment... at the same damn time. Well, I can tell you, the real-life experience is much more painful to practice than it was to read spiritual teachers talk about. Most people think non-attachment means to cut off, detach and therefore be emotionally disconnected and (pretend to) be void of feelings. Nope. Not at all. Those who master this Level of Love Lessons in life are usually the most compassionate, connected, intuitive and empathic of all humankind. These individuals simply know the importance of properly managed emotions, thoughts and expectations... and they live each moment of life accordingly. Unconditional Love is to LOVE someone so much that your purest desire is for them to be happy. Non-Attachment is not being moved or changes by the decisions made. Unconditional Love + Non-Attachment is allowing your Love to remain while releasing the need to control, manipulate or use your love as Blackmail if you disagree with the decisions of the one you love... no matter what that may look like. That doesn't mean you stick around and settle for less than what you deserve **See DISCLAIMER Below** but it does mean that you consciously allow pure love energy to flow from your heart whether you feel the object of your affection "acts right" in your eyes or not. Even if you know a better way. Even if their decisions make them unhappy. Even if their decisions don't include you. This is where it gets rough for most. It's a lot easier said than done & for most situationships, the ego usually kicks in and one or both begin to justify taking love away from the object of affection, resulting in breakups, heartache, he-said-she-said and voila! A justification as to why the love was destined to end. But why? What emotions came up for you while reading this? Sound off below! I look forward to chatting with you. **DISCLAIMER: I am ONLY speaking on HEALTHY interpersonal relating. Additionally, Unconditional Love of Self should supersede and love for anyone else. Period. You cannot read this post as validation to stay in an old, unhealthy Soul contract with a trama-bonded lover. Nope. Not t'day ma'am. Not here. Not on my page. Book a reading & clear some of they energy [link in bio]

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